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New  Surf Instructor Course

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Donegal ETB  (formerly FÁS) are currently planningg RLSS Beach Lifeguard and Surf Instructor course to be run from November 2014 - May 2015 in Bundoran.

There is also a second course being held in Castlegregory Co. Kerry


 To apply for either course you must register through your local welfare office -

The course goes to tender each year so the provider can not be confirmed until the process is done, however as providers of all the previous courses, we would be happy to give advice to any potential candidates.  Email us here for information about the 2015 course or call on 07198 42418.
If you are not elligible for solas courses you may be interested in our Outdoor Instructor Couses

Read the latest training diaries here.

If you are eligible, you will be put forward to the interview process, most likely to be held in late October

At the interview you will be asked to swim 400m in an indoor pool. You will need to be able to complete it, without stopping in less than 10m minutes, ideally under 9 minutes. There is no substitute for practice in the pool and candidates interested in this course are strongly advised to start training for this as soon as possible. Even very strong swimmers, may not be used to swimming against the clock and the more times you can practice the stronger your chances of achieving your goals. We will take into account any short term injuries or illness anyone might have but this must be declared in advance of the exam and doctor’s note as beneficial.

Previous surf experience is not compulsory but anyone who has not surfed before would be advised to take lessons from an ISA registered surf school to find their level and also to see if it is something they feel they would like to progress with as there is a lot of surfing in the course.

After the swim test, there will be a general interview with a ETB administrator and members of the DAC staff. Aside from checking your eligibility we will discuss your experience in sports / coaching / working with youth groups, scouts. None of these are compulsory but any interest in the areas that the course covers is beneficial. Also many surf schools have other facets to their business so you should also make us aware of any other interests you may have. For example, Irish speakers, people with driving licences, TEFL qualifications, mechanics, carpenters etc are all highly sought after in the industry as they can also work off season when customer numbers are lower.

The course is put out to tender each year so DAC is not responsible for the timing of the course or the providers. However as the course details remain the same each year and as the providers of the course each of the last three years, our staff are very happy to take time to talk to you about any questions or concerns you may have either by phone or you can set up an appointment to come and talk to us.

The candidates upon complete all their training and pass their assessments they will receive the following awards.

RLSS Beach Lifeguard which is an internationally recognised award .
ISA Surf coach level 1

Cardiac First responder which is is the Irish National Standard in Automatic External Defibrillation

Aquatic First Aid -specialised first aid for lifeguards and others who work around the water.

ISPCC child protection course.

DAC Site Specific training awards in high ropes course and team building.

Castlegregory gradutes will recieve training in Adventure sports and team building

Candidates should note that strong swimming ability is a pre-requisite, and that a swim time-trial is part of the interview. The course is for people who would like to be trained to become surfing instructors and beach lifeguards, and work in outdoor adventure centres and surf schools when qualified.

The course will take place in Bundoran over 26 weeks, and will include intensive surfing practice and lifeguarding training.
Candidates will then be put forward for the governing body assessments in Surfing and Lifeguarding.

Accommodation is available locally both on campus and we are happy to aid you with this.  Please contact your local SOLAS office for further information, and you may also contact Donegal Adventure Centre at

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