Train to be an Outdoor Instructor

Autumn COURSE now enrolling  - 10 week course – 4 days per week        

  • Surf training, Lifeguard training, Adventure Activities, Emergency First Aid, Child Protection & Work Experience
  • Candidates are responsible for the registration fees for the governing bodies for CFR & Lifeguarding.
  • You will also have the option to attend a one-day course called Cardiac First Responder.
  • Training includes CPR & Defibrillation and use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), Treatment of Choking, Stroke and Heart Attack and medical use of aspirin for suspected heart attack.
  • Successful candidates are certified to the National Standard
  • €950 for training & CFR & Lifeguarding qualifications

Course Description
The Outdoor Instructor Course OITC is a training course for candidates who wish to become instructors working in the area of surfing and other beach activities. This course concentrates mainly on the RLSS Beach Lifeguard Award and training for the ISA level 1 surf coach award. Over the ten weeks, candidates will also train in child protection, adventure (land-based) activities, leadership skills, team training and development and beach first aid skills. Candidates are expected to attend Monday-Friday for the duration of the course.

  • Candidates must be able to swim.
  • Candidates do NOT have to be able to surf, as you will be taught the skills of surfing if required.
  • Surfing and swimming training are major parts of this course, and you can expect to be in the water every day.
  • Students are expected to be (or get) fit through training every day. Training will include water-based (swim & surf) and land-based activities (running, circuit- training etc.)
  • Candidates will do basic training in low ropes, climb & abseil and high ropes instruction. Candidates will also participate and learn skills of conducting team-training activities and land-based activities.
  • Candidates will do child protection training, and Beach first aid.

Upon successful completion of the training, all candidates may be put forward for the following qualifications:

  • The RLSS Beach Lifeguard Award – course fees are included but candidates must pay the registration
  • Child Protection (HSE)
  • DAC certification in Adventure Activities
  • DAC certification in Leadership Skills (Children & Teenagers)
  • DAC certification in Work Experience
  • PHECC Cardiac First Responder. Course fees are included but candidates must pay the registration
  • DAC site specific ropes training.
  • The Irish Surf Association Level 1 Surf Coach award (250 euro for assessment & certification) is run regularly in the area and around the country. We will train and assess the readiness of candidates who wish to progress and take this award but the dates are at the discretion of the ISA.

You can also add on a canoe/kayak proficiency module which will take place each Friday of the course. Learn skills, games and coaching techniques on beautiful Lough Melvin with the option to go on and do a level 1 coaching course afterwards.

What do you need?

  • You do need to be able to swim; there is swim coaching included in the course for those who would like to improve their swimming
  • You need a willingness to learn, a sense of humour and an interest in meeting new people and learning new things
  • You don't need any surfing or outdoor sports experience - if you have them, that's a bonus but not necessary.
  • As well as being trained and coached by our multi-qualified instructors, you will get a chance to interact with clients and learn leadership and management skills by shadowing and helping our staff with school, adult and special needs groups.


To apply contact us here or call us on 071 984 2418


Sian's Story

"Doing the Donegal Adventure Centre’s Outdoor Instructor Training Course has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I have ever done!!  I could never have done it without the amazing support I received from all the DAC staff, our instructor and my fellow group members; a truly amazing group of people.

I found through their encouragement, I was able to push myself beyond my own expectations and build my confidence to another level.  Every day was another adventure, of learning new things and always fun!!

One of the best experiences I’ve had! Thank you DAC!"

Siân Alaw Jones